The Village 7 Amateur Radio Club Repeater System

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Due to coordination issues (and 'too good' of coverage) the 146.85 cannot be placed at the new site.

The 2m Repeater will remain coordinated for AD0TP QTH, but temporarily OFF-AIR, while something is worked out.

We have stood up a 70cm repeater at the site and are testing/flushing out the system.

146.850 MHz | PL 156.7Hz [OFF-AIR]

447.775 MHz | PL 156.7Hz ~ ON-AIR ~ Testing, details below

Two Motorola CDM-1550's

Two Motorola T1505A bandpass filters

X50A @ 70' AGL for TX Antenna

DB408 @ 80' AGL for RX Antenna

Future Plans:

OBTAIN new 2m Coodinated frequency pair for new site.

ADD AllStarLink Node to support IP Based linking.

ADD 1.25 Meter repeater.

ADD Phone-Patch.

I will always prefer support in the form of continued usage of the system, but here is a PayPal button for those that wish to give more: