V7ARC Repeater System

146.850 MHz | PL 156.7Hz


The search continues for a suitable location for this repeater

447.775 MHz | PL 156.7Hz | DG-ID 00


Yaesu DR-1X | Analog & C4FM enabled

4-cavity Celwave duplex filter

DB408 @ 90′ AGL for TX/RX Antenna

Future Plans:

Secure new site for 146.85 MHz Repeater

Install internet circuit at Falcon site

Add System Fusion gateway to 447.775 MHz repeater

Fund and perform numerous repairs and upgrades – new guy anchors, new guy wires, feedline support, new transmitter shack, dedicated and seperate utility feed

I will always prefer support in the form of continued usage of the system, but here is a PayPal button for those that wish to give more: